2015 - table - bespoke edition

Start with a surface top covered in stainless steel, both surprisingly light and luminous.

On the one side, the metal comes to meet the edge, with no visible solder, adding to the sober elegance of the piece.

Flip the table top and it reveals, on its opposite side, a radical contrast made of colour, of texture, the expression of your own personal desires.

All the splendour of this table resides in the precise work carried out on the materials. The very best craftsmen, specialized in stainless steel, were selected to bring it to life. Only 2 screws are visible and required to fix the trestles.

Only a profound and detailed thought process could allow an assembly of such childlike, but effective simplicity.

The modules can be combined in different spatial arrangements. You get to choose and vary the effect – linear or angled, according to your mood…

The dimensions can be altered, allowing you to design a coffee table, a dinner table, a sideboard, a desk. Whatever your disposition, the elegance of this item remains, its “zero design” shining through like an affirmation.

This sober, multipurpose trestle table has been made from the most simple materials. It is almost a case of ‘zero design’, which is what I like 

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