1000 raisons

2015 - bookcase - bespoke edition

The starting point: one plywood panel covered in a sheet of aluminium. It is then free to multiply and allow every permutation.

Whether your preference is for a plain or coloured finish, matt, shiny or brushed, as your piece grows the effect is stunning, both luminous and contemporary.

You can build your shelving system in direct correlation both with the room it will inhabit and the items it will display. A tall column, a low set of shelves, a bedside block, a dresser, a bookshelf – your wishes and needs will guide you.

The design of the central panel (with numerous fixing points) allows you to add your elements of separation both horizontally and vertically, to the whole depth or just part of it.

“1000 raisons” reveals itself as the model of a permutable object, designed to take shape around your possessions and to evolve according to your desires.

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