1994 - shelves - unifor

The Less range, designed for the offices of the Fondation Cartier, has become a landmark in the history of contemporary design.
Jean Nouvel endeavoured to combine the transparency and dematerialisation of the Fondation Cartier building with a furniture range of a similar nature: a quiet, straightforward and simply elegant range. This architecturally coherent combination makes up a “landscape”.
As for the table, he explains: “My aim was to design a table archetype, but I wanted it to raise questions such as: “How did they make this? How does it stand up?” It is fine enough to look impossible, like a miracle.”
The range includes tables, shelves, cupboards and boxes.

A “severe” metal cupboard, revolving on its square base: its shape stems from the interior layout of the Fondation Cartier offices, particularly as the translucent glass walls required them to be free-standing. The idea was to be able to circulate around these Totems, which revolve on their bases. A dual storage space can be accessed from two opposite sides thanks to the door’s rotation mechanism.



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