2013 - mobilier de bureau - unifor

With the Cases system, Jean Nouvel proposes an entirely new vision for the office, in which the furnishings communicate a sense of controlled improvisation, of heterogeneity, of spaces created according to the moods and affinities of those who inhabit them. Containers that can be sat on, climbed on and shifted about. Desktops that can be inserted anywhere, grouped, rearranged or temporarily removed.


The Cases system encourages spontaneous self-building activities, resulting in friendly work environments and less conventional behavior. The users find themselves inventing new ways to interact, dialog, meet, telephone, organize and write: in short, new ways to work together, in a collective strategy of doing.
Consisting of modular components that can be freely combined, Cases is characterized by a high degree of compositional flexibility and a wide selection of elements, materials, finishes and colors, permitting original customization of each workstation. Arranged ad-hoc according to heterogeneous organizational schemes and personal visions of the work environment, the solutions can take the form of lines, blocks, towers and so on, delineating playful and inviting office skylines, cities to wander through, explore, climb over…and inhabit.

Product details