1 = 2

- nested table - cassina

The 1=2 range is based on a system of two stacking tables that automatically level when placed side by side. The range consists of tables and console tables for use in the home or office.

Made initially in12 mmtempered glass, the 1=2 range has now been redeveloped in15 mmglass and in different colours. The legs, which have integrated unidirectional castors, are made of brushed stainless steel and fixed by optical bonding to the glass tabletop.

I’ve always liked the idea of a thing that can make another thing. The 1=2 table that Zeritalia launched a few years ago and that Cassina is producing again today is based on a simple idea: if you take two small stacking tables and adjust the height of the legs on one of the tables, raising it so that it sits level with the other table, placed side by side, you get one big table! That’s the idea that counts here: making several things from a single thing, offering different uses by creating different sizes.

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