paris design week – Y’s Yohji Yamamoto

05/09/2015 - 12/09/2015

On the occasion of the Paris Design Week, Jean Nouvel imagines a new version of the collection Less Less to « dress up » the Y’s Yohji Yamamoto line and boutique.

Minimalist and contemporary, both designers’ universe are led by the search for a dialogue between space and material, illustrating the natural interactivity between couture and architecture.

« Whether we’re entering into a building or slipping into a jacket, it’s all a question of correlation with the material : entering into a relationship with the environment, and experiencing it from the inside. »

Jean Nouvel, interview extract from Yamamoto & Yohji book, Rizzoli NY

Jean Nouvel tells us his devotion to Yohji Yamamoto’s creations : « As far as I can remember, I’ve been wearing Yohji. It was a natural match, with clothes that corresponded to my need : a question of proportion, and cuts that are at exactly the right distance from the body. In that silhouette I met a

kindred spirit, allowing a naturalness of gesture and a freedom of movement and circulation. »

Functionality is one very important aspect in the work of Yohji Yamamoto. Products are functional rather than ornamental, and it is left to the owner of the product to optimise and personalise each item.

The exhibition will present Less Less furniture from editor Unifor, whose design is Jean Nouvel Design.

The central piece is a totem, a mobile cabinet from Jean Nouvel’s most iconic piece.

Redesigned into a wardrobe for the occasion, it takes a new function at the Yohji Yamamoto boutique.

A collection in tune with the Yohji Yamamoto’s spirit : refined lines, minimalist curves and a special focus into every single details.

Jean Nouvel imagines a unique furniture collection modelled on Y’s Yohji Yamamoto line, a collaboration that illustrates the natural interactivity between couture and architecture.

Y’s Yohji Yamamoto is the active and more urban line of Yohji Yamamoto. Recognized for its timeless and sleek design cuts, this line embodies an urban lifestyle and counts already several collaborations such as Birkenstock, adidas, Dr. Martens, etc.



25 Rue du Louvre

75001 Paris – France

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