inox 01


Designed in 1990, the Stainless Steel Truck is destined to accommodate different cultual events, transmogrifying into a culture hub over a radius of85 square metreswhen fully deployed.


“In the beginning, I was asked to do a multipurpose bus. I chose to do a truck. The cultural centre side of it interested me from the outset. This is an object that turns up anywhere, in a village or at a sporting event, and just opens out and deploys. I wanted it to be a question mark. Its plastic aesthetic is a legacy from Minimal Art, but it’s also completely contemporary with today’s culture. It gets an added cultural dimension from its refinement and its degree of finish.

I wanted a material that was something more than paint, I wanted something that was the very essence of the modern vehicle. Stainless steel evokes the precision of aeroplanes and competition vehicles and a degree of precision involved in putting things together that might be compared with the nature of the “ready-made”, the way certain design products are assembled to be perfectly streamlined, finished, pared-down.”

Jean Nouvel

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