2014 - model C - gagosian gallery & galerie patrick seguin

A triptych is a mirrror with three articulated panels, quite simply. It is an object of absolute purity, heavy, thick, elementary, suggesting excellence.

The triptych reflects the use of the mirror. It allows you to see yourself from any angle and, by playing around with angles and reflections, to capture other fragments of space and transform spatial perception. It is a creator of mystery, a producer of endless geometries, interferences and framing effects.

Each of the three mirrors in every triptych is a different colour. The colours are hyperdense, contrasting, warm: gold, orange, deep reds, some so dark they are “almost” black. By reflecting each other, the colours merge or cancel each other out; they also vary with the orientation of the panel and by interacting with whatever light there is.

The presence of a triptych completely transforms the atmosphere of the space it sits in and solicits an emotional response.

I want colored mirrors; they are the key to this story. Some are fixed, others shift, others are angled…sometimes two or three models are in different scales, their meaning is established by the interior

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