2016 - prefab house

“To live, that is the whole reason of architecture. Simple is a mobil-home that stays still. Only its inner walls are movable… Mobil walls…


This is an immediate way to live in places that are not meant to be lived in in the first place and that become so, spontaneously. All essential notions linked to housing have to be condensed in one only object that has to be easy to assemble and can host one, two, three or four persons. That is a basic, essential program: It will include, depending on the role of the hosting place, all economic energetic and sanitary facilities and equipment.


We cannot redo Jean Prouvé today. The DNA of this house is more Japanese than European: The sliding doors are at the origin of its flexibility. Simple, it is a square surface, 6 meters by 6 meters, except for the sliding doors that gather and transform hours after hours the house functions : All the technical elements, kitchen, bathroom, are” clipped on” the perimeter…”


Jean Nouvel

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