simple bridge

2011 - ottoman - ligne roset

The apparent simplicity ofSimpleBridgeconceals the great skill needed to execute it: there can be no approximations with the cut, stitching or upholstery if the rigorous edges of the seat are all to remain perfectly straight. Frame in particle board and binder lined with polyether foam and polyester wool.

Base fitted with 4 polyethylene castors.

Seat suspension using a flexible fabric sling. Seat cushion and integrated backrest in high-resistance polyurethane foam with the contact layer in polyester wool.

This is the chair in the Elémentaire collection, originally put into production by Ligne Roset. Elementarity has always been an anti-design position for me. I drew this armchair in the early 1990s for the Conference Centre in Tours, France. It was my way of saying: now, I want THIS armchair– because the seats made for the architecture of the 90s were like quotes from the years spanning the 30s to the 70s; they were out of context. I tried to do a design that had no stylistic effect in itself, just a bit of ergonomy and comfort.
This armchair needs to be able to adapt to all situations. It needs to be constantly re-thought in terms of the places it will be installed. For that reason, it can be higher, lower, wider–the main thing is for the materials and proportions to remain strict and correct.

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