saint james

2011 - chair - ligne roset

The frame is fully fabricated in aluminium-coated Epoxy-lacquered tempered steel. Feet have polyethylene castors. Backrest, armrest and seat cushion are in high-resistance moulded polyurethene foam with polystyrene insert. Each foam element has a specific density calculated to provide the most comfort and is upholstered with a white jersey interliner.

The slipcovers, held in place by elastic, are washable and interchangeable.


This seat was first intended for a luxury high-end restaurant and designed with a white cotton slipcover that could be changed for each new diner. It was extremely simple, at the same time, while its shape expressed the idea of great comfort, like an invitation to sit down and eat well. But it was designed especially for that particular place: it corresponded to a precise location. Its friendly character, it’s true, always made me look at it with a certain sense of humour, but no more than that. There’s nothing jokey about it. It’s in the work on each point of connection that you get to the essential here and find what makes it so welcoming and appealingly round and supple.


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