2011 - floor lamp - pallucco

Like a field glass, this telescopic tube (6cm) can be extended or retracted with a touch of the hand, producing a wider or narrower beam of light. Made in extruded aluminium, the tube ends in a powerful LED that ensures sustained and functional lighting in spite of the reduced size of the cylinder. The height of the telescopic tube varies between 1m11cm (minimum) and 2m22cm (maximum). The light changes with the length of the tube: the shorter the tube, the softer the light and the greater the area illuminated. The longer the tube, the brighter and more precise the light, to the point where it becomes a luminous dot. Everyone is free to choose the level of extension that suits him and to endlessly invent new atmospheres of light.

The idea behind this lamp is that it’s just a lightbulb, or just a light you can’t see, it’s once again a quest for elementarity. That means squeezing things till there’s nothing left but what’s essential. For me, with this lamp, that means a beam of light. It means a distillation of the notion of a lampshade, now that LED technologies allow the miniaturisation of light sources, which have become smaller but more intense.

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