2007 - ottoman - moroso

Mass lounge chairs were specially designed for the reception area of the advertising agency, CLMBBDO. The building was built by Tecno in Issy-les-Moulineaux and imagined as an ageless industrial building that somehow washed up on the banks of theSeine.

The lobby was designed as a recreation space, a great sports hall. Placed on the floor, the Mass lounge chairs divided the space. They took their aesthetic from the boxing glove: bulky, solid, rounded, generous, made of stitched and webbed red leathers. The model developed with the producer Tecno was subsequently put into production with Moroso in Kvadrat fibre and completed with modular poufs.

The complete range was developed by Moroso with a Kvadrat fibre covering.

This is a work chair made for “the creatives” in an advertising agency. So, it was designed for people who don’t just sit at their desk but who also often work sitting on the back of a lounge chair, with their feet on the seat, in all kinds of conditions… On top of that, they can put the chairs wherever they like, one facing the other, say, so they can stick their feet up on them… It’s the opposite of a lounge chair in the traditional sense of the term. It’s a seat that has a solid, palpable, background; a seat you can sit on any way you like. So it, too, is linked to a history. The paradox is that it was installed in the agency’s waiting rooms.

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