2017 - sofa - poltrona frau contract

Jean Nouvel has designed a furniture series for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, known as the ‘Louvre Abu Dhabi Line’. Manufactured by Poltrona Frau Contract, the furniture can be found in the public spaces, the exhibition galleries and VIP areas of the museum. The furniture is based on a modular system that can be adapted to the proportions of the space. Contrasting with the white buildings, the black leather furniture is both rigorous and ergonomic.


“The indoor seating concept has given rise to the Louvre Abu Dhabi Furniture Line. The first constituent is the bench-sofa. With its comfortable yet bare ergonomics, this is an essential piece. It is made of black leather. The frame is a few centimeters thick, the sections of the joints creates a leather sofa with ribs every two centimeters, a massive shape with tensed curves. The leather covering is in fact double-coated (base material + foam + leather, all molded into one element). These long and massive shapes positioned precisely along the walls and slightly staggered emphasize the building’s scale and lines of composition. This ribbed leather is the identifying material for the Louvre Abu Dhabi Furniture Line. It is a graphic expression, an abstract design adaptable to many different situations. It will, of course, come in a variety of forms; extremely comfortable armchairs will play on curves, on studied arabesques tailored to each situation: low seating, easy chairs, etc.” Jean Nouvel