less less color

2016 - swivel cabinet - unifor

The Less Less Color line represents a new stage of development of the continuous research that has accompanied the evolution of the Less series for over 20 years.

With the recent addition of a carefully elaborated color selection and new components and structural details, Jean Nouvel presents a vision of the contemporary office space that is even more joyful and fun to be in, a space in which the furnishing elements and chromatic combinations can be freely arranged to suit the user.


Equipped with a unique door-opening mechanism (with rotation plus lateral shift), Totem is a swivel tower cabinet on a fixed base, accessible from two sides to make good use of its depth. Designed for archival storage, the cabinet presents itself as a smooth, compact monolith when closed.

I love colors, all of them. They are, in their multitude, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and wonder. Because each color exists only in relation to another and because they change constantly with the light, the combinations are endless. Colors narrate the richness of our universe. However, our indoor environments do not vibrate in the manner of a forest, of a flied of flowers, of a composition by Richter, or of a poem by Rimbaud… For this reason, the reintroduction of color into our lives, especially in the workplace, means bringing back the possibility of variety relaxation, the appropriation of spaces, and a sense of uniqueness and well-being. In short, color is more fun.