2014 - sofa - arflex

This is a querying of the archetype of the sofa, a reinterpretation of today’s techniques, to suggest other ways of inhabiting furniture, of sitting around, curling up, snuggling in, being separate: of building yourself a “nest”.

K.N.P.’s recipe renews the basic techniques used in the Arflex ateliers: plywood frame, foam pads of different thicknesses for comfort, throws with loose reversible covers that can be zipped together endlessly.

The outsized and ample forms of the frames are covered in large two-tone quilts. The fabrics are hard-wearing, soft and sensual. They invite well-being, movement, fondling, relaxing. Jean Nouvel imagines K.N.P. as fun, laid-back, and generous. K.N.P. is innately multiform, able to be reinvented by each person as they play around, overlaying foam pads and joining the quilted covers together in individual assemblies.