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Jumper is an adaptable chair for people of different corpulence, usable at school as much as at the office. Alive, flexible, hardy and adaptable, the chair is made of a shell with an air cushion or molded wood effect. It can be used as a desk chair (available in two different sizes) or as a school chair (available in six different sizes). Fives ranges of bases and many different colors are available.

Jumper’s main features are its curved organic lines that give the chair a lively look and making it flexible. From side-on, it looks like an insect ready to jump, agile and reactive.


Moreover, the ergonomic shape of the Jumper eases your back by supporting the natural seating posture and allows people to move even when sitting, regardless of whether they are tall or small, at school, at work or in a meeting.

Jumper Air Active was the first school and office chair to receive the “Cradle to Cradle Certified™” silver label. Alongside the PantoSwing LuPo model, it’s the most sustainable school chair on the market today.

Chair shells available in ‘air cushion effect’ or ‘molded wood’.


The seating shell is made in polypropylene and has a double layer, which makes the seating exceptionally comfortable. The button structure of the seat and backrest offers a good grip, as well as a great reflection of light that allows interesting plays of colors. The hole in the seat gives an enjoyable atmosphere, and the heart-shaped handling spot facilitates the transportation of the chair.

The user-friendly shell of Jumper Ply is made of tainted beech wood.  The base is covered with a nonskid varnish. The aspect and touch of the wood are fully conserved.  The heart-shaped handling spot is situated in the upper-part of the chair.





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