holster Six. Trente Cinq

1988 - sac - martell

Leather bag, inspired by revolver holsters. Created for the “Petites architectures nomades” exhibition.

Made of moulded leather, the volume can be adjusted to 4 positions by means of metal clips and a slide. Adjustable shoulder straps. To be worn over both shoulders.

This is a bag that is almost a garment. All that emerges from the complexity of its ties, shoulder straps, grips and buckles, is a little black leather case, smooth, dense, compact, and as precise in volume as a model for a sculpture. It could scarcely hold anything more than a miniature revolver, packed by one of those sketched-in comic-book goddesses, strutting through the hard-core black-and-white ambiance of a tentacular city full of mythical dangers.

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