flying surface

2006 - lamp - troll

Referencing the immateriality and mystery of light, the Flying Surface light asks questions about the very essence of light merely by its presence. A simple stretched canvas of light, it seems in its intensity to float in space. When it’s switched off, it’s like a blank canvas, an artwork waiting to happen; switched on, it spreads a soft uniform light throughout the entire space. Radically abstract, it can either be mounted on the wall or suspended. Several Flying Surfaces combined gives any lobby a new distinctiveness.

This is an object that is “elementary” in nature.

Body in sheet steel painted white with assembled sockets and switchgear and control gear units.

Exterior shield in PVC-based textile material.

T26 flourescent lamps with switchgear and control gear or optional electronic dimmers.

Integrated illuminators with a colour temperature of 840 (4000k).

Exterior finish in white textile fabric.

rfaces provides the space in question with a new singularity. A truly «elementary»

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