2012 - bench - Atelier du bois Rouchon

This collection is a demonstration: it promotes awareness of the differences between species of wood and in that sense is educational. It proceeds as a series: the same table is available in the same proportions but in different species of wood: birch, oak, cedar, cherry, pine, ash, walnut. Ash is the palest and the most even-grained, walnut is the darkest but can have a lot of variations; then there is the powerful smell of cedar, grey-veined cedar; and so on… What is thereby revealed, without their being toned down by any varnish or stain, are the variations and natural rhythms of wood.

Each different wood has a different kind of finish, corresponding to its aesthetic. Every object is precious, defined by a notion of ultra-refinement. Every object, particularly in the ways it is assembled, is an expression of a culture that is still very much alive. The objects are monolithic, made of mono materials, and assembled in different ways according to each object’s functionality. They reveal the “body” of the wood. In that sense, they are emotional.

In terms of typology, the project’s starting point is a series of tables available in 7 different species of timber from the Périgord. The tables act as supports for assorted objects: poof-chests, small stackable boxes, and benches that can be stacked to form a set of shelves. These objects will be completed by new objects in the months to come to quickly create a true collection.