2018 - table - GLAS ITALIA

“Plaques de verre striées,

plaques de verre rayées par la lumière,

comme l’écran vidéo en attendant l’image.

Une vibration qui parcourt toute la table,

du plateau à la plante des 4 pieds.”

Jean Nouvel


High table in a special printed knurled glass, laminated with 12 mm extralight tempered glass.

The surface of this precious material presents many small parallel prisms, with an exceptional refracting light effect creating an incomparable brilliance.

The legs, made with the same glass, glued at 45°, create square tubes with a kaleidoscopic effect. They can be disassembled and fixed to the top thanks to sophisticated pairs of pierced stainless steel plates: one is rebated  into the top, the other one fixed to the top of the leg. The tie-rods inside the legs and the polished chrome feet emphasize the glass reflections.

Available in different sizes.

200 x 90 x H 73 cm / 220 x 90 x H 73 cm / 200 x 100 x H 73 cm / 220 x 100 x H 73 cm